Secret Language of Snow Service How to Spot a Fake ID Using Backlight Tests?

How to Spot a Fake ID Using Backlight Tests?

How to Spot a Fake ID Using Backlight Tests? post thumbnail image

Fake IDs are becoming increasingly difficult to detect and can be easily obtained by underage customers. As a business owner, it is important to know how to spot a fake id when checking customer identification. Fortunately, there are several backlight tests that can help you identify false documents quickly and accurately.
The UV Light Test
One of the most effective ways to detect a fake ID is with a UV light test. Using a special lamp or flashlight, you can check for hidden images or symbols on the card that are only visible under UV light.

Most legitimate IDs will have an ultraviolet image or symbol embedded into the document, which should be visible when held up to a special lamp or flashlight. If the ID does not have any hidden UV features, it is likely a forgery.
The Microprint Test
Another way to test for authenticity is through microprinting. Many IDs have small text printed onto them that will look like part of the design unless viewed up close with magnification.

When inspecting an ID for micro printing, look closely at areas such as the document number, expiration date, and signature line; these areas often contain tiny printed words that are invisible without magnification. If you cannot find any microprinted features on the ID, then it is most likely a fake document.
The Watermark Test
Finally, many modern IDs feature watermarks in certain areas of the card that are not visible until the document is held up against two sources of light at once. Depending on your local regulations, your IDGod order may include watermarks to help you spot fraudulent documents quickly and easily.

To perform this test correctly, hold the card against two separate sources of light at once – if there is no watermark present on either side, then chances are good that it is a fake ID.
Spotting a fake ID doesn’t have to be difficult with the right tools and knowledge behind you! So don’t get fooled by imposters—take action now with these simple backlight tests!


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