Secret Language of Snow Service Julian Mitton, Md On Improving Access To Addiction Medications

Julian Mitton, Md On Improving Access To Addiction Medications

Julian Mitton, Md On Improving Access To Addiction Medications post thumbnail image

There is a stigma around addiction. Many people think that if they have an addiction, or someone close to them has an addiction, then they must be weak or stupid. This is not true! Addiction can affect anyone and everyone, even people who are very intelligent and have good jobs. A person with an addiction may have been born into a family where there was no support for their mental health issues and so turned to drugs as a way to cope with life’s difficulties. We need to remove this stigma from our society in order to help those struggling with substance abuse disorders get the treatment they need immediately when needed most!

We Need To Start Talking About Addiction And How It Affects People

When we talk about addiction, it’s important that we don’t confuse it with other conditions. Addiction is a disease and not something that can be cured by willpower alone according to Julian Mitton, MD. It affects all kinds of people from all walks of life, but it’s also something that many people don’t know how to deal with because they aren’t educated on how to help someone with an addiction or how to recognize the signs in themselves or others.

Addiction Is Not A Choice, And It Shouldn’t Be Treated Like One

Addiction is not a choice. If you’ve ever been addicted, you know this to be true. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, food, sex or gambling–there are many different types of addictions that can affect people.

The stigma around addiction is great and the shame associated with it can be even greater. I think it’s important that we all understand that there is no difference between someone who has an addiction and someone who does not have an addiction: they’re both human beings worthy of respect and compassion. This doesn’t mean that addicts should get away with their behavior-it simply means that we need to stop treating them like criminals when they aren’t breaking any laws Click here Julian Mitton, MD !

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