Secret Language of Snow Health My Experience with Figur’s Weight Loss Program

My Experience with Figur’s Weight Loss Program

My Experience with Figur’s Weight Loss Program post thumbnail image


I never thought I would personally say this, but here will go: I misplaced ten pounds inside a calendar month, and Figur was a huge part of that particular. I wasn’t necessarily hunting to shed weight once i started off making use of Figur, but the application helped me to make healthier alternatives that ended up being leading to weight loss. If you’re hoping to get healthy and/or lose fat, I recommend supplying figur weight loss a test. Here is the way it helped me to get rid of 10 pounds inside a 30 days.

1. Track your exercise stage.

I used to be by no means working out regularly before I began employing Figur. The truth is, the only thing remotely in close proximity to physical exercise that we was undertaking was wandering my dog across the prohibit daily. After I started tracking my activity levels on Figur, even so, I discovered that I needed to boost my activity if I desired to see final results.

2. Set up targets and problems for yourself.

Body offers both regular and regular monthly problems which can be particular for your health goals. These problems really helped me stay on track and determined because I had some thing to be effective towards per week or calendar month. For instance, among the monthly difficulties was to go walking ten thousand techniques per day—a goal that sounded daunting at the beginning but ended up getting achievable with a little bit of hard work (and several extra strolls with my puppy).

3. Keep yourself answerable.

The one thing about Figur is that it doesn’t enable you to off of the hook easily—if you overlook every day or never meet your objectives, it turns up as reddish on the iphone app. This could not look like a huge bargain, but it actually finished up being really helpful for me since it organised me answerable and made me very likely to keep with my plan.


On the whole, I am really content with the outcome I got while using Figur—losing 10 pounds within a month was definitely unanticipated but significantly appreciated! If you’re considering downloading the mobile app, I believe that go for it—you might be amazed at how much it will help you attain your state of health objectives.


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